Seasoned tech influencer Greg Bledsoe joins Kronoverse as the Head of Product

Blockchain gaming platform, Kronoverse, has leveled up once again with the addition of experienced tech influencer Greg Bledsoe as Head of Product. Mr. Bledsoe brings his 20+ years of success and knack for innovation just in time for Kronoverse’s open beta launch of CryptoFights, a mobile fantasy fighting game.

Prior to his new position with Kronoverse, Mr. Bledsoe was the Chief Disruption Officer at mthree, an information technology Emerging Talent Partner company based in London, England with North American headquarters in the financial district of New York, NY. Mr. Bledsoe’s primary role was finding the right product market fit and building out a complete set of modern training elements for mthree’s training program focused on preparing the next generation of IT consultants.

“We’re excited for Mr. Bledsoe to join Kronoverse and his knack for industry disruption,” said Adam Kling, Kronoverse CEO and founder. “We know his experience will enable us to not just successfully release the CryptoFights open beta but help lead developing out the Kronoverse Platform.”

A current author and public speaker, Mr. Bledsoe understands how to leverage attention and deliver memorable keynote presentations. He’s been quoted by different publications such as and listed as one of 20 must-follow DevOps experts on Twitter by The Enterprisers Project. Here are more of Mr. Bledsoe’s notable career highlights in recent years:

For the latest milestones on Mr. Bledsoe’s career, you can check out his regularly updated list on Medium here:

You’ve probably noticed many of his speaking engagements and contributions have been in the DevOps community. For those unfamiliar with DevOps, it’s an approach to streamlining the processes between IT teams and software development to evolve and improve products in a fast, economical way. Mr. Bledsoe’s understanding of and experience in implementing DevOps in different situations will be effective in Kronoverse’s current efforts to scale.